Our first spice blend product is launched.

Mrs Mahal’s Masala is our very first spice blend.

Unearthing a family masala recipe from our very own Shindy Mahal; led us to creating our first     spice blend recipe. Our dry Masala blend is great for meat, fish or vegetables; we’ve got a couple of Shindy’s serving suggestions too – but we will leave it up to you to decide how to use it. We can’t wait for you to try it.

Shindy shares her story below.

One day my mum asked me “where will you get your masala from when I’m not here anymore?” Her question really got me thinking. I used her masala in lots of my dishes and I couldn’t imagine cooking without it. I realised that Mum had a wonderful gift to pass on, which had been in our family for generations.

If I didn’t learn to make her masala something special would be lost and my cooking would never be the same again! Mum learnt to make masala form her Aunty in India, now she has passed it on to me and in the future my daughters will learn the recipe too.

It’s our family’s legacy and we hope you enjoy using Mrs Mahal’s Masala just as much as we do!

We handmade the masala, by roasting, drying & grinding together whole spices; such as cardamom, clove and coriander. You can buy your blend on our products page

We would love to see how you have used Mrs Mahal’s Masala in your cooking.

Email us pictures of your dish to xxx@ballotstreet.co.uk or tweet them to @thespiceacademy and we might share your serving suggestion!

Mrs Mahals Masala recipe

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