Spicey collaborations

So far this year, things have been pretty exciting here on Ballot Street.

We can’t give everything away, but what we can share with you is our latest collaboration with Birmingham based company Spice Kitchen.

After seeing our crowdfunding campaign film,  Spice Kitchen got in touch and we have been blown away with the amazing support and love they have shown us.  We have a lot in common, firstly our love of all things spice,  we are both based in the Midlands (lets here is for Birmingham), the fact that we like sharing traditional recipes passed down through families and lastly we a share a passion for   social enterprise and doing good.

A few emails and a couple of exciting phone calls later, we have a spicey collaboration, we are very excited by this new partnership and we will keep you posted as news unfolds!

Find out more about Spice Kitchen , while  perusing their spices and beautiful cookware.




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