Smethwick Spice Walk

On Thursday 18th June, members of Victoria Park Primary Academy staff and children mostly representing our Spice Ambassadors from Years 4, 5 and 6, along with staff representatives from Real Ideas Organisation, took part in a ‘Spice Walk’ (funded by Heritage Lottery Fund) around Smethwick; stopping off at ASDA Cape Hill and Charles Pearson Court Retirement/Sheltered Housing. The large group of ‘Spicy’ travellers was accompanied by a certain furry VIP – ‘Humphrey the Camel’.

Humphrey is no stranger to Victoria Park as he visited the school back in December 2014. This time he also wowed the residents and members of the local community as he escorted the spicy entourage through the streets of Smethwick and around the local shopping centre.

During the spice walk the Spice Ambassadors stopped and spoke to local residents, shop keepers and visitors about their own spice secrets and experiences while the BBC film crew captured this event on camera. Many members of the general public were more than keen to share historical and interesting spice stories and were incredibly keen to get ‘up close and personal’ with Humphrey!

The Spice Ambassadors were incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about sharing their own spice related stories with shoppers and passersby. They shared information and handed out flyers to publicise their recent enterprise initiatives: the creation of Mrs Mahal’s Masala, the new Authentic Tea Masala Blend which is based on an original recipe from Sonia’s mum. By adding fennel seed, start anise and extra cinnamon, a new and unique blend was born. Now available through the website ‘Spicy Ambassadors Tea’ is the perfect pick-me-up when something more than a usual cuppa is required and our Ballot Street Aprons and Mugs which are all available to purchase from our website.

Our Spice Ambassadors have recently created a song and music video all about Ballot Street Spice. Their song and video tells the story of this day and the highlights of Ballot Street Spice so far. The Spicy Song was recorded on the 11th June just in time for the actual Spice Walk. The Spice Ambassadors worked with Mathew Hemson from a new media company to help write and record their spice inspired song that tells the story of Ballot Street Spice and the journey it’s already been on. The ambassadors have aspirations of performing at the forthcoming Birmingham Mela and if you’re a betting person perhaps a flutter on the Christmas number one!

You can buy all our own blends and merchandise by viewing ‘Our Products’.

To view the article from the BBC related to this event, please click here.

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