Time for Tea?

The Spice Ambassadors have been busy at work over the last few weeks, perfecting their latest product ideas. After perfecting the recipe, we  an now reveal to you that they have are ready to launch their brand new product, a spicy tea blend.

With intense stimulating spices such as cinnamon , cardamom and fennel featuring in the blend, it will bring a certain sweetness to your cuppa of chai!

Sonia from our Ambassador’s team says;

“We based our spicy ambassadors tea on my mum’s recipe”. It’s good to help you wake up in the morning. Tea is very common in England, so we wanted to make it more interesting by adding spices.”

The blend of spices is based on  Sonia’s mum’s recipe but has been developed by Alyssa, Jaskirat, Sonia, Makalyea and Lorenzo.  The Spice Ambassadors’ Tea Spice Blend is on sale now!


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