Humphrey the camel came to VPA!

On the 1st December, Victoria Park Primary Academy had some special visitors to help the children explore the world of Spice.

Sonia from our Spice ambassador’s team, explains more.

“At Victoria Park Primary Academy, a spice traveller approached the school. We soon discovered that Mr. Archibald Google had travelled to many different places in the world, but sadly has forgot to mark some things he had discovered & places he travelled. We (as a school) offered to help him and completed the task.

This meant year group by year group we had to find out the countries he had been to and which spices came from there; as well as the including their names; one of them was star anise.

When we came back from lunch we were bewildered to see that we could go and see his camel Humphrey; we also got to stroke the camel whilst asking questions. I established it a great experience and prodigious pleasure it was extremely memorable.”


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