Spice Ambassadors present to Devonshire Infants Academy.

On the 24th Feb,  Ballot Street’s Spice Ambassadors team did an amazing job of talking to Devonshire Infants Year 2 pupils about Ballot Street Spice.

Alyssa & Jaskirat explained what Ballot Street Spice does and how we sell our products, they also  old the story behind Mrs Mahal’s Masala and how the product came into production. Muhammed, Raus, Imani, Sonia, Shanayah & Mikayla then talked about the individual spices that make up Mrs Mahal’s Masala, their uses and why they liked them.

The team  worked with groups of pupils to make their own spice blend.  They showed the pupils how to grind and blend the spices and then let them try some of the spice in some Mrs Mahal’s Masala flavoured popcorn, – which not surprisingly was a hit with everyone!

It was a great afternoon and we cannot be more proud to have the Spice Ambassadors on the team.

Well done everyone!

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